The Secrets of Footwork – Learn Bboying easily and quickly


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Footwork has its origins many years ago. It is a part of the foundations of “breakdancing” and therefore part of Hip Hop Culture.

The way of executing the bboying footwork is with the hands and feet on the floor, these being usually circular.

What are footworks in the break dance?

It is the combination of different steps, combined between basic footwork and created to demonstrate a better mastery of the essential techniques.

How to do footworks well?

To do footwork correctly you should only respect the rules of bboying footwork:

  • Cleaning
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Technique

Where can I see basic footwork tutorials?

At present there are many bboys specialists in footwork, among them we can mention bboy Poe one, B boy focus or bboy zeshen.

On this site you can find many footwork dance tutorials to learn

Without Fundaments footwork there is no winner

There are many critics of evaluation when these steps are concerned and I will try to explain it in a way that is understood in concept:

  • Musicality
  • Technique
  • Creativity



Now let’s explain what each one means:

Musicality: In terms of musicality applied to dance footwork this is about adapting the steps to break beat that is ringing.

Technique: It is the execution of the movements without altering the base of the step. In other words, you must make the step as it was done since your invention.

Creativity: It is the most free part of bboying, it is about making modifications to the root of the steps and making them functional to music.

creatiidad dominio

tutorial top rock

What is the best way to make combinations of these techniques?

To be able to win break dance battles (street dance) you need to do the effective and natural combination of the different techniques.

It should be noted that for each set you launch in battles you can only drop 2 techniques mentioned above and it would look like this:

Technique – musicality

Creativity- musicality

Technical creativity

When we want to be technical, many times we will not be able to be creative because we are going to lose the good postures of execution ..

When we are creative we leave aside the technique.

And when we are musical we are always going to leave aside some of the 2 other concepts to be able to execute the musicality correctly.