How to bboy: Twist or flex Bboy Swedish – learn break dance


 Learn footwork “twist”

We will continue to talk about basic footwork and break dance techniques to continue making hip hop culture on this page.

So far the basics of the bboys have not changed but if we can say that they have evolved into something.

The bases of the footwork have been the best weapon of the battles of break dance world-wide among them we can mention to bboy roxrite.

To mention some fundamentals of footwork:

  • 6 step
  • 4 step
  • 3 step
  • 2 step
  • 1 step
  • middle swipes
  • babylove
  • pretzels
  • cc’s
  • etc.

 Footwork Twist

I want to start with the mental state, your soul and body must be united for the best execution of the steps!

You must warm your body well to avoid injuries to the muscles.

Break advice for footwork

  • Evaluate perfectly the movements of the legs so that they are executed with the necessary fluency.
  • Remember to adapt the footwork to your body: Sometimes we want to execute movements like other dancers but we realize that this realization does not happen because our body does not assimilate the movements properly.
  • When performing steps, remember to separate your body by parrtes and thus improve your posture.
  • Use backrolls, floor rocks, legs works as complements to the steps: sometimes also forget that footworks have other accessories that can help us to make our entries more attractive and dynamic.

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