FREEZE -HOW TO B BOY (break dancing)

FREEZES (Bboying)

In summary the freezes in bboying are one of the 4 essential elements that are in this dance, while the top rock is used to express your essence footowork to unlock your fluid technique, power moves to demonstrate your power, the freezes are used to demonstrate your ability to stop the flow of your movement to mark the breakbeats that the dj releases you.

There are different types of freeze that you can apply, there are freezes of air and floor but not only ends there, it is also subdivided into frozen control, flexible and force.

The different bboys and bgirl according to their abilities, have the capacity to adapt this type of movements to their dance.

To be a great boy of freezes you must have some of the following characteristics:

  • Force
  • Flexibility
  • Control

If you do not have some of these characteristics you can develop them in bboying practice following these tips:

After workout do lots of triceps exercises, these are usually the ones that carry the weight of your body for the basic freezes.

Always perform exercises of shoulders and abdomen, freeze the movements requires a lot of corporeal pressure, you must have the strength enough to stop the movements

Some movements that we can mention to learn are:

  • Baby freeze
  • Air freeze
  • Shoulder Freezes
  • Halo back
  • Chair freezes
  • Air Chair
  • Some Lessons