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elbow bboy tawfiq

Elbowtrack to Air Chair


The elbowtrack are those movements of power moves similar to the airflare (hands) where we should just spin as we change from elbow to elbow.

So explained it seems very easy but the advanced break dance has a lot of complication of execution.

The truth is that it is an intermediate power move movement that requires a lot of physical training, analysis and effort.

Now just think of adding the technique of freezes basic air chair (movement in charge of holding your whole body on your wrist)

Let me tell you if it is possible and we will try to talk to you about this technique for the intermediate break dance (bboying).

Bboy tawfiq is an excellent bboy as far as combinations is concerned and the basic elbowtrack in his specialty besides original airflares

In this airflare elbow tutorial you will learn very abstract and unique combinations in bboying.

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Elbowtrack step by step

  • Flare
  • Elbowtrack
  • Chair

Flare: It is a basic break dance movement and is part of the foundation power move, it is a movement that I started in gymnastics to evolve to this dance.

Elbowtrack: It is an evolution of the advanced technique of breakin called airflare that is done with the hands (this is a variation with the elbows)

Chair: Basic movement of the elements of the break dance, in this case belongs to the basic freezes category.

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