Secrets of Backspin with Victor – How to bboy

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The Backspin secrets with Victor

We are back with the publications on the page and this time with the excellent lesson called backspin to learn break dance

The basic Backspin is a movement of power move that we use the bboys to make our sets more dynamic, this movement of power move tries to turn on our back.

Techniques to perform a backspin step by step

Bboy Victor will be your teacher this afternoon as part of the Red Bull All Star crew.

Imagine climbing backspin to a 1990 spin without making much effort?

Learn Easy Backspin

To learn the movements of power move you need:

  • Constancy
  • Practice strength training to improve your ability to dance
  • Have an appropriate training plan

How not to do a quick backspin

  • Many of the movements that we do not learn are due to lack of patience, we enter into a desperate way of wanting to learn fast but remember that in order to learn fast break dance you do not have a secret formula, your brain needs a correct motor and mental learning

  • Also being out of physical condition is an open factor to cause injuries to the shoulders, wrists, elbows and legs

  • In addition to your training as bboy make sure your body has the necessary condition, eat a lot, sleep and live healthy

  • The last mistake I can make is to “do everything and achieve nothing”, sometimes we want to train so many things and we do not realize that we are losing all our training in wanting to cover a lot in a short time

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