Tutorial Windmill to superman Lesson – With bboy Flying buddha

to superman

 Tutorial Windmill to Superman

Welcome to this tutorial to learn from windmill to superman, we want to talk a little about the subject before they can see the video of break advice with flying buddha

The windmill is a technique of the element power moves very basic when it comes to learning bboying (break dance).

This movement consists of starting from the position turttle freeze towards the back giving circles and then returning to the initial position.

Superman does not refer to the hero of the justice league comic.

This movement is called so because after doing a basic windmill.

We have to place ourselves on our pectorals and raise our arms in a similar way in what made him super hero.

Windmill tutorial – Mistakes

Losing the rounding:

All movements of power move are made in circular form to be able to continue the inertia of the step without losing position and execution.

When the bboy in the middle of the windmill to superman move does not run a good girth.

The angle of the legs is lost and tends to fall, that causes a strong blow in the knee after the windmill to superman

Forgetting to pull the pecs:

the real secret to maintain the correct height of the movements is to load on your chest your whole body.

This makes the realization of the movement is lighter and not lose the rounding

Strength to the arms:

There is a part of movement where we must simulate that we are a swimmer of the Olympic games.

they execute a stroke that allows them to have more momentum.

We bboys should imitate that braze when we are on our pecs since widmann superman.

Executed at the same time the rounding of our legs, raising the hip as much as possible.

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