Power Moves – how to break dance

Bboying Lesson

The energy movements require a lot of energy and power to perfectly perform every basis of this style

All these movements have their physical science and every b boy should know and understand this concept of breaking

There are many variations of these principles and there are different elements.

  • Floor
  • Of air

Each of these has a different application and without forgetting that they must have original transitions to differentiate them from the other bboys that perform power move and be able to win ..


Some of the most sought after lessons:

How to make windmill
Positions to make flare
Learn how to make airflare!



known as a mill, is a move to floor move where the bboy or bgirl must keep her legs in the air while her body bounces from shoulder to shoulder.


it is a movement that was extracted from gimnasi, it is a matter of raising the legs and carrying the hip in a circular way and at the same time change of arm.


It is an advanced movement of break dance, it is the evolution of the flare and consists of carrying the legs more ariiba and change of arm with heels


is a basic movement of the power movement where you must raise your back.


This movement is about turning in one hand, maintaining balance.


is the evolution of 1990 and this time it is about lighting the 2 arms. keeping your balance while you spin.


In this list we are going to leave a great list of videos where you can learn these movements with the big bboys: