What is top rock? – How to improve your dance fast and safe.

What is top rock? – Break Dance

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It is an excellent complement to dance and it is essential to define your style of dance.

All top rocks movements start from a foundation and with this we can develop new techniques and positions.

Generally it was called “Up Rock” or “Rocking” and the essential concept was to dance being yourself.

So what are the top rocks in short?

They are movements of balile that are basics of the break dance, they are executed as if we danced any type of dance (on our feet) executing synchronized movements.

how can i do to learn top rock?

In the page we have several tutorials of top rocks basicos and top rocks advanced so that you can learn without any problem.

Is there any difference between the steps of advanced rock top and the basic steps?

There is not much difference, generally all basic and advanced steps are easy to perform. What varies in the complexity of execution.

(All the concepts that we explain here are only a brief summary not to bore them)

Without essence bboying in the top rocks there is no dance

A bboy who wants to demonstrate a good top rock should show the essential techniques of the top rock foundation but this is not just here.

Currently there are very different concepts of what top rocks means, we are based on words that said bboy alien ness.

The top rocks is simply the combination of steps along with our essence of bboy.

If for some reason we implement other elements of hip hop to our dance, this must be bboy.

Arguments of the Top Rocks

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creatividad dominio

Originality: Own execution of the modified steps

Dynamica: The way you execute your entries.

Creativity: Creation and implementation of transitions or steps never seen.

Domain: The way you move around the stage.

Some steps are:

  • Boyoing
  • Bronx Rock
  • Brooklyn Rock
  • Energy / energy step of the Circle
  • Hop Power Step
  • Rock Latino (or Salsa Pass)
  • Derulo Roca
  • Torsion of the hip
  • 4 Corners
  • Step Kick (a shortening of 4 corners)